Extend FitNesse

FitNesse is an extensible system. The core is written in Java, but it allows for testing in many different languages.

SLiM servers for different languages/environments

Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
RubySlim by Uncle Bob, Corey Haines, Doug Bradbury http://github.com/unclebob/RubySlim video Now at Slim version 0.3!
RubySlim for Ruby 1.9.3 by Lar Vonk https://github.com/lvonk/rubyslim Slim version 0.3!
.Net slim by Mike Stockdale http://github.com/jediwhale/fitsharp/downloads docs
Python Slim by Tim Bacon http://pypi.python.org/pypi/waferslim It's a "0.9" release: while the code is believed to be "feature complete" (tested against fitnesse-20090214) more feedback from wider usage would be welcome ;-)
Transactional Spring Slim Runner by Gojko Adzic http://github.com/unclebob/springslim docs
PhpSlim by Gregor Gramlich http://github.com/ggramlich/phpslim Video Tutorials
CSlim: Slim for C and C++ by Doug Bradbury, James Grenning, Uncle Bob http://github.com/dougbradbury/cslim/tree/master See README in the repository
Objective-C Slim by Eric Meyer https://github.com/ericmeyer/ObjectiveCSlim docs
CocoaPod for Swift, Obj-C by Paul Stringer, Eric Meyer https://github.com/paulstringer/OCSlimProject CocoaPod for iOS and macOS Xcode Projects (wraps Objective-C Slim). See README in the repository.
Grails FitNesse plugin Erik Pragt http://www.grails.org/plugin/fitnesse docs
.NET Fit by Mike Stockdale http://github.com/jediwhale/fitsharp/downloads docs
Coffee Script Slim Mike Suarez https://github.com/limadelic/decaf
Power Shell Slim Konstantin Vlasenko https://github.com/konstantinvlasenko/PowerSlim docs
SmalltalkFit Randy Coulman https://github.com/randycoulman/SmalltalkFit See README in the repository

Dependency management

Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
Maven Classpath Plugin by Lars Vonk, maintained by Arjan Molenaar http://github.com/amolenaar/fitnesse-maven-classpath !pomFile /path/to/pom.xml
Ivy Classpath Plugin by Arjan Molenaar http://github.com/amolenaar/fitnesse-ivy-classpath !resolve
Gradle Classpath Plugin by Andrey Myatlyuk http://github.com/kukido/fitnesse-gradle-classpath !gradle /path/to/<gradle file>

Behavioural driven

Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
GivWenZen Wes Williams http://code.google.com/p/givwenzen/ BDD Framework for FitNesse
JBehave Plugin by Arjan Molenaar https://github.com/amolenaar/fitnesse-jbehave-test-system Execute JBehave tests through FitNesse

Source control

Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
Git Plugin by Arjan Molenaar https://github.com/amolenaar/fitnesse-git-plugin For FitNesse version 20151230 and newer. docs

For FitNesse 20130530 and older.
Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
TFS Source Control Plugin Lars-Erik Aabech @bleedo http://sourceforge.net/projects/fitnessetfs/ docs
Git Source Control Plugin Tim Andersen @timander https://github.com/timander/fitnesse-git-plugin docs
SVN Source Control Plugin Attila Sragli, Gergely Filip, Zoltan Matyas https://bitbucket.org/clibre44/svnfileversionscontroller docs


Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
FitNesse LDAP Authenticator Tim Andersen @timander https://github.com/timander/fitnesse-ldap-authenticator docs (for use with ActiveDirectory or LDAP)
FitNesse JDBC Authenticator six42 https://github.com/six42/jdbcslim docs (for use with any database)

Markup language extensions

Plugin or Accessory Author URL Docs
HSAC Plugin Fried Hoeben https://github.com/fhoeben/hsac-fitnesse-plugin Adds symbols for random values and relative dates. (docs)
Graphviz plugin Stefan Bellus https://github.com/sbellus/fitnesse-graphviz-plugin Adds Dot drawing to your wiki page. (docs)
PlantUML plugin Stefan Bellus https://github.com/sbellus/fitnesse-plantuml-plugin Adds UML diagram drawing to your wiki page. (docs)

SLiM fixtures

HSAC Plugin Adds ScenarioTable subclasses that: do not require all parameters in header row, and take a 'screenshot' after each row. (docs)
Jdbc Slim JdbcSlim is the framework to easily integrate database queries and commands into Slim FitNesse testing. The design focuses to keep configuration data, test data and SQL code separate. This ensures that requirements are written independent of the implementation and understandable by business users. The framework can be used by Developers, Testers and Business Users with SQL knowledge.
Appium Fixture Fixtures for testing mobile applications, based on appium and BrowserTest.
Pdf Fixture Fixture to check the contents of PDF documents.
Email Fixture Fixture to retrieve e-mails from a mailbox so their content may be checked.

Web application fixtures

Xebium Driver for Selenium with Selenium-IDE roundtrip support (Xebium SeIDE plugin)
SeleNesse Driver for Selenium
Sulfur Driver for Selenium, support for all Selenium selectors, simple installation as single .jar file including all dependencies
RestFixture A fixture for testing services exposing a REST API
OASIS Open Automation Source Integrated Suite with fixtures for Xebium, Sikuli, SynthUse, JMeterBundle, and a slew of other features for back end and front end testing with credits to FitNesseSikuli
BrowserTest An extensible fixture for testing using Selenium in end user terms, so tests describe functionality, not HTML structure.
(Xml/Json)HttpTest A fixture to interact with a server via HTTP requests (allowing SOAP (and REST) services to be tested) with (almost) no Java coding.

Fit Fixtures

>JdbcFixtures A set of Fixtures that provide simple database access
>FitLibrary Home of the DoFixture, as well as many other helpful fixtures and add-ons.
>JfcFixtures A set of Fixtures to test through Swing GUIs
CommandLineFixture This fixture launches commands as if they were run from a shell's command line input.
ServiceFixture This fixture library can be used to test service oriented or distributed systems. It also provides fixtures to access database.
RestFixture A fixture for testing services exposing a REST API.
easyFit A library for testing applications over HTTP(S) protocol (SLiM server is not needed)
SoapCallMapColumnFixture A (column) fixture for testing SOAP services, including asynchronous ones, with minimal Java coding.
Generic Fixture With Generic Fixture you just drop your class in FitNesse's class path, write your test stories on FitNesse wiki and be ready to test without having to write a single line of Java code. Detailes of Generic Fixture, setup and various use-cases can be found on Generic Fixture Blog

Web application fixtures

Webfixture HtmlUnit-based (author's blog entry on that)
jWebFit / jWebFixture Part of JWebUnit; only available in CVS tree. Simpler to use

Old (out of date) plugins

Just for reference.
(If you would like to develope a Plugin, see this.)

^DatabasePlugin Store your wiki pages in a database to significantly improve seach and refactoring performance.
^WikiMailPlugin Send email to your wiki. Create and update pages with email messages.
^LinuxPamAuthenticator Allow FitNesse to authenticate users based on the Linux system users.
^BlogPlugin Give FitNesse some blog-like behavior.