Wiki Mail

Create new pages and append content to existing pages on your FitNesse site by sending email to it.
by Micah Martin


wikimail.jar - This is all you need to install wiki mail - The source code.



java -cp $CLASSPATH com.objectmentor.wikimail.Postmaster <fitnesse host> <port> >> $OUTPUT 2>> $ERROR


Usage: java com.objectmentor.wikimail.Postmaster [options] host port);
       -a <username> <password>


When sending wikimail, use a WikiWord as the subject of the email. If the named page exists exists the content of the email will be append to the page. If the page doens't exist then it will be created with the content of the email.

If the subject is not a valid WikiWord, then a page will be created at WikiMail.BadSubject20041111123456 that contains the content of the email. This page can then be moved or renamed at a later time.

Included page: .PluginsComments.WikiMail

Page include failed because the page .PluginsComments.WikiMail does not exist.