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ArrayFixture was built as a replacement for RowFixture . It works very similar to that other fixture type, with two main differences:

  1. Element order is important for ArrayFixture .
  2. ArrayFixture can work with generic collections as well as with arrays.
# section Table Format

Table Format

The first row of the table should list the fixture class name. The second row lists the structure of collection elements — names of fields, properties and methods.

!include -seamless SetUpFixture

|name|post code|credit limit|
|John Smith|SW4 66Z|10|
|Michael Jordan|NE1 8AT|12|

Fixture class

The fixture class should extend fitlibrary.ArrayFixture . Instead of a query method, ArrayFixture works with an internal property called actualCollection in the Java version. Initialise that collection in the constructor of your fixture to the actual results that should be compared to the table. In the .NET version, this has to be done by passing the collection to the base class constructor.

Java Source Code

package info.fitnesse.fixturegallery;
import info.fitnesse.fixturegallery.domain.Player;
import fitlibrary.ArrayFixture;

public class ArrayFixtureTest extends ArrayFixture{
	public ArrayFixtureTest() {

.NET Source Code

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;

namespace info.fitnesse.fixturegallery
    public class ArrayFixtureTest: fitlibrary.ArrayFixture
        public ArrayFixtureTest():base(Player.players)

Python Source Code

from fitLib.ArrayFixture import ArrayFixture
from info.fitnesse.fixturegallery.domain.Player import Player

class ArrayFixtureTest(ArrayFixture):
    def __init__(self):
        self.paramCollection = Player.players

    def getTargetClass(self):
        return Player   #< TYPE-HINT: For ValueObject class.


In the Java version, ArrayFixture can work correctly with JavaBeans properties as well (so if you have a getter such as getCreditLimit , you can name the column credit limit .

In the .NET version, properties, fields and methods are treated equally, you can use any one of them in the fixture table

FitLibrary also has a SetFixture that ignores element order and a SubSetFixture that will ignore additional elements in the actual results. Those two fixtures are very similar to the ArrayFixture in the table format and fixture class structure.


You can use the ArrayFixture instead of RowFixture when the element order is important or to avoid conversion of an object list into an array.

DoFixture will automatically wrap methods that return a list or an array into an ArrayFixture , so you can use this class implicitly with DoFixture to test lists of objects without having to write an additional RowFixture class. For an example, see Flow Mode. Similarly, methods that return a set of objects are automatically wrapped into a SetFixture .

In Java, it might make more sense to use ArrayFixture for lists of business domain objects since this fixture type works correctly with JavaBeans getters.

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