The details of starting and stopping the FitNesse wiki/web server.

Starting FitNesse

To start Fitnesse, invoke the fitnesse-standalone.jar file like this:

java -jar fitnesse-standalone.jar
This will start a wiki server listening on port 80. You can modify this and other options using a Command Line Arguments.

See Password File for a description of how to set up per user authentication.

Running Rest Commands using the -c option.

See Restful Services

Stopping FitNesse

Pressing ctrl-c generally works well for development use. However, it's not sufficient for automated control.

There are now stop.bat and scripts to stop a running server. Invoke them with the same -p port_number option used to start the server.

Both scripts run java with a class to stop FitNesse. You can invoke this class directly, as well:
Usage: java fitnesse.Shutdown [-pa]
        -h <hostname> {localhost}
        -p <port number> {80}
        -c <username> <password> Supply user credentials.  Use when FitNesse has authentication activated.
This command will send an HTTP request to the designated server. If the server is using authentication then the -c option should be used with appropriate username and password.

Alternatively you may manually type a URL to shutdown a server. http://hostname:port/?responder=shutdown

Running from JUnit

see RunningFromJunit

Running from Maven

see RunningFromMaven