Ordered query:employees hired before 10-Dec-1980
employee number first name last name hire date
8832 James Grenning 12-May-1999
1429 Bob Martin 10-Oct-1975
9924 Bill Mitchell 19-Dec-1966

The first thing to notice is the Ordered query: in the first cell of the table. This tells the Slim table processor that this is an ordered query table. Ordered query tables are almost identical to Query tables except that order is important. The order of the rows in the table must be the same as the order of the rows returned by the query.

The matching algorithm is relative which means that if the table rows have the following order {A, B, C} and the query returns {B, C, A} then rows B and C will be green, and only row A will be marked in red as out of order: row 3. The row number in the error message is the ordinal position (based on 1) of that row in the query result.

A little thought should convince you that this means that the first row in the table can never be out of order.