A Library Table is a table that can be used to install support fixtures so they are available for all pages underneath.

The format of the Library table is similar to the Import Table.

echo script

The first row contains the word Library. This is a reserved word so slim knows which table is executed. All subsequent rows are fixtures. In this case SliM will expect two fixtures: EchoSupport and FileSupport. These fixtures will be located the same as "normal" fixtures, meaning it will use the Import Table's paths to scan.

Whenever a method is called that is not available on the fixture, then all installed libraries are scanned if that method is available and if so that one will be invoked.

Usage example:

File cleanup.
public class FileSupport {
  public void delete(String folder) {
    // do stuff here

public class MyFixture {
  public void doBusinessLogic(String folder) {

script my fixture
check do business logic 42
note The following invocation is triggered on the "echo script" library fixture
echo Hello world

Order of method execution

The order of method execution is as follows:

1. Find method on fixture, if present execute
2. Find method on System Under Test, if present execute
3. Find method on installed Library in reversed order of creation. So last one created takes precedence over the ones created earlier.

If you need to initialise the fixture you want to add to the library or your fixture has constructor parameters than this is possible as well.
See details on How To Add Fixtures With Parameters To The Library