Define table type
Bowling as Table

The "Define table type" table is designed to help you write more readable tests.

In the above example we have defined Bowling as a Table fixture. Once you have defined the type like this you can just use "Bowling" in your test table and don't need to write "Table: Bowling".

For example, the following table will now work:
3 5 4 / X X 3 4 6 / 7 2 3 4 9 - 4 / 3
8 28 51 68 75 92 101 108 117 127

Using this fixture makes your test pages easier to read, especially for project managers, BA's and Product owners who might not understand how Fitnesse works. (The "table:" or "query:" strings are just a test implementation detail and therefore it is good to leave them out where ever possible.)

Hint: Try putting the "Define Table Type" fixtures in the same place as your "Import" fixtures. The setup pages are a good place for these!