Improving Readability using Graceful Names

If you are not yet accustomed to it, you can make your test tables much more pleasant to read by using graceful name notation.

Say you have a fixture class named payroll.fixtures.PaycheckInspector you can references in your fixture tables as Paycheck inspector. Both Fit and Slim will manipulate that name back into PaycheckInspector by removing punctuation and using camel case. They will then hunt through a list of known packages for the fixture.

A similar transformation happens with variable and method names too.

Therefore instead of this:

employeeId employeeName payAmount()
24 Bob 1500

You can have this:

Paycheck inspector.
employee id employee name pay amount?
24 Bob 1500

You can add to the list of packages by using the Import fixture as follows.


This table should appear above the tables that use the PaycheckInspector fixture. It's a good idea to put your Import fixtures in a SetUp page.