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Fixture Gallery is a cookbook for FIT
This document is released in three forms: a print-ready PDF, an executable . The live version is online at .

Intended audience

This document will be most useful to people who are already using FIT and for a list of resources that will help you take that first step.

What's new in this version?

The biggest change in version 2.0 are Python examples. FitLibrary fixtures section is now expanded with examples for ConstraintFixture, CombinationFixture, CalculateFixture and notes about SetFixture and SubSetFixture. Many thanks to Jens Engel and Mike Stockdale for their contributions to this version.

This is an open documentation effort — please contribute

My intention with the Fixture Gallery is to start an open documentation project where other people can contribute their notes and ideas about how best to use FIT ). Please help to make this document better either by directly changing it on SourceForge or by modifying the live wiki version on .

To leave comments or feedback, please use the form on .

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