To set the style of a word or phrase use the !style_(text) widget. This widget has three forms. !style_(text), !style_{text}, and !style_[text]

Yes, that means that you cannot put a style around a single string that has all three closing terminators. I'm sure you can figure out the workaround.

Here are some of the available classes you can use.

Markup Text
Displayed as
!style_error(an error) an error
!style_pass(pass) pass
!style_fail(fail) fail
!style_ignore(ignore) ignore
!style_caps{Caps} Caps
!style_code[code] code
!style_red[red] and other colors... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, lightYellow, lightGreen, lightBlue, chocolate, darkOrange, darkRed, olive, darkBlue, darkGreen
!style_code(!style_red[code red]) code red
!style_note[note] note
!style_right[right] right
!style_strike[strike] strike
!style_meta[meta] meta
!style_included[included] included
!style_setup[setup] setup
!style_collapse_rim[collapse_rim] collapse_rim
!style_pageHelp[pageHelp] pageHelp
x !style_hidden[hidden] x x x
!style_test_output_name[test_output_name] test_output_name
!style_fit_label[fit_label] fit_label
!style_fit_stacktrace[fit_stacktrace] fit_stacktrace
!style_fit_grey[fit_grey] fit_grey