Cpp Fit Example

Download the latest HomeGuard.zip for your platform.

!3 Tell FitNesse how to find your project

This comand tells fitness how to start the application to test
Different COMMAND_PATTERNs are needed based on the development environment. Assuming that the HomeGuard project is in c:/Projects/Cpp/HomeGuard these command patterns are used. Only one should be enabled at a time. Remove the ! from the one not needed. Adjust the paths as needed.

For Visual C++ use this !define COMMAND_PATTERN. Also make sure the path is set correctly in HomeGuardAtRunner.bat
variable defined: COMMAND_PATTERN=C:/SourceNode/fitnesse/CppTestToolsProjects/Cpp/HomeGuard/test/HomeGuardAtRunner.bat

For gcc use this !define COMMAND_PATTERN
variable defined: COMMAND_PATTERN=C:/Projects/Cpp/HomeGuard/HomeGuardFitnesseServer/HomeGuardFitnesseServer.exe
!* !3 Home Guard is a home security system

Home Guard has a front panel with these capabilities

Home guard has binary sensor inputs

Here are the stories and tests that define home guard requirements. ArmSystem, BreakIn, and PowerOn should pass, the others have failures.