CppTestTools provides a unit test harness and an implementation of FIT for c++. It also has a starter implementation for a concurrency library. This library is used by the FitServer. Implementations are provided for gcc and visual c++ v6.

Actually CppTestTools is rather obsolete. It has been broken into two pieces: CppUTest[?] and CppFit. You can find the CppFit zip file here. The zip file is bundled with CppUTest.

There are some instructions and examples in the zip file. Much of what is here is probably close to right. There is one intermittent unit test failure, associated with closing a socket I think. if you find it let me know.

james {at} renaissancesoftware.net

Installation and set up

NewClass and NewInterface scripts

These shell scripts are provided. For MS developers you will need cygwin or msys to use these scripts.

Unit test harness

C++ version of FIT

Example Fitnesse tests

The unit test harness has been tested with

The CppFit been tested with