1. Get rid of any cruft on .FrontPage.
  2. Make sure all is committed:
    git status
  3. Make sure all tests pass:
    ant release
  4. Do a release to Maven Central:
    ant publish -Dupload.user=John -Dupload.password=secret -Dpgp.password=secret
  5. Verify if fitnesse-standalone.jar works. Make sure it runs. Run all acceptance tests.
  6. Tag the version and push it to origin:
    git tag 20xxxxxx -m "release note"; git push --tags origin
  7. Log on to http://oss.sonatype.org and publish the release.
  8. Move the fitnesse-standalone.jar into the releases/20xxxxxx directory.
  9. Add !release 20xxxxxx to the .FitNesseDownload page. Also create a release page as for the other releases (.FrontPage.FitNesseDevelopment.FitNesseRelease20xxxxxx[?]).
  10. Create list of contributors:
    git log --pretty=format:"%an" --since="1/3/2010" | sort | uniq
  11. Add git log to Release page using:
    git log --pretty=format:"|%ai|%an|%s|" --since="12/1/2008"
  12. Push the repository to fitnesse.org (prod should be configured to point to the fitnessedotorg git repo):
    git push prod