When you decide to use FitNesse, there are multiple options for how to connect FitNesse to your system under test. Each of these systems has their merits.

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Language Fit Slim FitLibrary
Java Yes (built-in) Yes (built in) Yes
.Net Yes(FitSharp) Yes(FitSharp) Yes(FitSharp)
Python Yes Yes No
Ruby Yes Yes No
C No Yes No
PHP Yes Yes No
JavaScript No Yes No

These variations can be found on the Downloads[?] page.

Feature Fit Slim FitLibrary FitSharp
In Active Development No Yes Yes Yes
Column Table Type ColumnFixture DecisionTable ColumnFixture ColumnFixture/DecisionTable
Row Fixture Table Type RowFixture QueryTable RowFixture/QueryTable
Reusable Script Blocks No Scenarios Predefined Actions Scenarios
Direct Object Access No System Under Test DomainObject