Features that are either completed or under development for the next release.


* CSS integration.
* Plugin framework
* Fitnesse class renamed to FitNesse !!!
* Automatic building of FitNesseRoot[?] and all neccesarry files where needed. You can start a FitNesse instance from scratch.
* Column types can now have parse(String s) methods. If the method exists it will be called as a last resort. This method can be overridden by the parse method of the Fixture derivative.
* Package Memory. Once a package is used on a page, you don't have to prefix the fixtures with it again.
* Graceful Names. Fixture and variable names can be written as punctuated sentences. e.g. "Page creator." translates to "PageCreator".
* fit.Import fixture allows you to import packages into fit so that they don't have to be used as prefixes to fixtures. The fixture has one column, each row is another fixture name.
* fit.Comment fixture allows you to create a table named "Comment" that does nothing.
* The 'fit' package is always searched for a fixture.
* Fixed bug where wrong case in fixture name hangs fit.
* ! suffix for ColumnFixture methods. quitient! works the same as quotient? and quotient()
* literals are allowed in test tables
* Multiuser authentication with plain text or encrypted passwords.
* Friendly FIT errors.