Ant Task

Build an Ant Task that would exercise fitnesse.runner.TestRunner. It would have options to generate various output such HTML test results or just the verbose output.

!see for suites

!see can be used to add a test to a suite. It should also be able to add entire suites to a suite.

Page list in summary

It would be great if the Fixture.summary map could be filled with the
page name, similar to the way the input and output files are added to
the map with the FileRunner[?].

Optimized page import update

When updating an imported subwiki, all the pages, modified or not, are downloaded. Change it so only modified pages are downloaded.

Stop Button

1. A Stop button. Once I start the test suite running, sometimes the
server crashes causing all the rest of the tests to fail in sequence as they
run extremely slowly. By making a mistake in specifying the test table
(telling it to wait for input when none will be coming), I occasionally get
the test to hang completely.

I'd like to be able to press a Stop button and quit all the tests. Ideally,
when the Stop button is pressed the TearDown and SuiteTearDown[?] pages will be
run before showing the results page.

2. Run Individual Test with SuiteSetUp[?], SetUp, TearDown and SuiteTearDown[?].

I have things set up so that SuiteSetUp[?] opens the socket and logs in, and
SuiteTearDown[?] closes the socket. We sometimes want to test on different
accounts on different servers, and having the login in one place helps.
Anyway, when I want to run an individual test by itself I need to copy the
startup code (which includes the ActionFixture[?] Start statement) from
SuiteSetUp[?] and the ending code from SuiteTearDown[?] and insert it temporarily
into the test page. I don't currently use StartUp[?] and TearDown, but I might
at some point.