Why does everything seem to take longer now?

We now have .ChrisBiegay[?] on the team and he should help things move along. With 3 developers we decided to be bold and allocate 20 hours for this iteration's budget. Alas, we only finished 11. There were two time sinks on this one.

HTMLUnit: We though we start making some more detailed acceptance tests of the HTML that FitNesse spits out. Bob had recently heard about HTMLUnit so we'd thought that could help us. Then we wondered how HTMLUnit was better that HTTPUnit. So we started doing some research and writing a bit of code. There is still no decisive decision as to which is better; they actually seem quite the same. I just saw today that Brad C (who are you) left a message on StoryList saying we should use jWebUnit. Now we'll have to research that too.
We also explored how the test tables should work when we're testing HTML. Sitting around a white board drawing tables attracted some spectators and ignited some ethereal debates. In the end we only completed a tiny bit on this story.

!include: Also known as page in lining[?]. This only took about 40 mins to write and test. Or so I thought. When we started up FitNesse to see it work, it didn't work. That was puzzling because our unit tests were passing. After digging around we discovered that the !virtualwiki was the hitch in a complex, twisted way. I won't burden you with details but this made us decide to go with plan B for Virtual Wiki implementation. The !virtualwiki widget is now deprecated in favor of setting the VirtualWiki[?] page property.
see .FitNesse.MarkupVirtualWiki[?].
With a change like this, when users download the new version, none of their vitual wikis will work any more. We wouldn't want to be so mean to anyone so we created an little update find all your !virtualwiki widgets and set the VirtualWiki[?] property for you. It will run the first time you run the new version. If you look close you'll see a little message...
Updating pages with !virtualwiki widgets