At last an iteration where we exceeded our budget. According to last we should have completed 11 story points this iteration yet we ended finishing over 20 story points. Ahh that feels good!

We did some cool stuff this iteration; Things to make testing easier for everyone.

Paste From Excel[?]:
Business people keep telling use that they don't like writing code or anything like it. They also tell us that writing tables in FitNesse is too much like writing code. They like Excel. They use Excel all the time and that is where they are comfortable.
Now you and all the business people may use Excel to write FitNesse tests. Simply write your tests in Excel, select the cells you've created, copy it, go to your FitNesse browser, and click Paste Table From Excel.
We weren't sure how far to take this integration with Excel, so we decided on this simple start.

Table Wizard[?]:
Isn't is annoying when you forget the exact name of the Fixture you wanted to use, or when you're writing a ColumnFixture and you can't remember if the field names were capitalized or not? This is no longer a problem in FitNesse. The table wizard will fill in the Fixture name for you and in the case of a ColumnFixture, it will supply all the field names too! This is only the beginning. The possibilities for this features are endless.

Testing HTML:
People often ask how to go about acceptance testing web applications there has never really been a good answer..... Until now!
We are starting a new project currently called WATT (.FitNesse.WebAcceptanceTestingTool[?]). It is(will be) a set of Fixtures specifically meant to test all aspects of web applications including HTML, JavaScript[?], navigation, etc. The first Fixture to immerge is the HtmlFixture[?]. We currently make use of it at .FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests.HtmlTests.FrontPageTest[?] to test the HTML of the .FrontPage.
The creation of this test was amazingly painless. It took only a few minutes where as writing the code to do exactly the same would have taken hours.

Stay tuned!