We've been really busy with lots of other Object Mentor business this month, so we didn't have an official iteration. However, Chris was able to get quite a bit done from our list of high priority stories. So, we thought it was time to make another release.

Table Wizard[?]:

Thanks to the help of Jason Sypher, who submitted some code for us awhile back, the problem of needing a newline after a table at the end of a page has been fixed. Also, Fitnesse now allows the use of '*' as a wildcard character for including a directory of jar files in a classpath. Ex:

classpath: lib/*

The edit window has been widened for browsers that support stylesheets (yay!).

Added a suite-based setup and teardown mechanism. If you have something that you want to execute before and after a suite is run, you can put in files SuiteSetUp and SuiteTearDown. These pages must exist in the suite sub-wiki or above it.

Browser Caching
Added browser caching for files served from the /files directory. This means that if a file has not changed since the last time it was downloaded (this includes the icons that appear on every page) we let the browser know that it can use its cached version. This will make navigation much faster for people on slow links.

Html Fixture
We've added a couple features to the HTML-testing fixture introduced last iteration.
You can download the HtmlFixture here.