!img Tags
Changed the !img widget to allow relative URL specification in the correct form, such as /files/images/FitNesseLogoMedium.jpg

Files Section
Fixed bug where a trailing '/' had to be added for a directory URL in the /files section.

Subpage Widget
A link to a subpage can now be specified with a preceding caret, like this: ^MySubPage.

Variable Processing
Fixed issue where only the last specification of a variable was used in a given page. Variables are now processed in the order that they are declared.

Save Page Hotkey
A fitnesse page can now be saved by pressing ALT+S.

Omit Updates Option
You can now skip the automatic updating process that gets run whenever Fitnesse is started. This is done with the '-o' option;

Linear Processing of ClassPath and Fixture Widgets
!path and !fixture widgets are now found on the test page and all direct ancestors of the test page, as well as on the normal ClassPath and FixtureList pages (Which are now deprecated.)