A Suite Query is a regular page with the Suite property set so that it has a Suite button. On that page are one or more tables that specify the query. The page you are looking at right now, is a suite query. Notice the two tables below. They specify the query. You can run the query (and the tests) by hitting the Suite button.

Page FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests
Content [Bb]ug

Page FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests
Title Import

Each of these tables is called a Suite Specification. A Suite Specification is always a table whose first cell is the word Suite, capitalized as shown. The other rows must each have two cells, and the first cell in each row must be either Page, Content or Title.

Every Suite Specification table represents the Intersection of the Page, Title, and Content. Thus, they form an AND operation. Only those pages that are descended from Page and match Title and match Content will be in the suite. Of course, if either Title or Content are omitted (as above) then they are ignored.

If you have multiple Suite Specification tables, then the suite will be the disjuction (The logical OR) of all of them.

The regular expressions conform to the Java library.

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