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Robert C. Martin,
Micah D. Martin,
Patrick Wilson-Welsh &
FitNesse contributors

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FitNesse started as an HTML and wiki "front-end" to FIT (("Framework for Integrated Testing")).

From the Fit website:

Great software requires collaboration and communication. Fit is a tool for enhancing collaboration in software development. It's an invaluable way to collaborate on complicated problems -and get them right- early in development.

Fit allows customers, testers, and programmers to learn what their software should do and what it does do. It automatically compares customers' expectations to actual results.

Interestingly both the wiki and Fit were developed by Ward Cunningham, and you can read about them both on Ward's c2 wiki.

Nowadays FitNesse is a comprehensive tool, supports multiple test systems and has been used for many software and even hardware projects.

Getting Started

FitNesse is a wiki web server. Learn how to use wiki features to create and change FitNesse pages.

FitNesse is an application testing suite that allows you to test the business layer of your application. It is not a browser automation tool, although there are such tools that work with FitNesse.

It is not a unit testing tool. The tests that FitNesse runs integrate the various layers of your application together, demonstrating even to non-coders that the application works as designed.

It is an integration testing tool. That means that it provides a method to automatically determine that your application is working correctly. Not your beautiful user interface, with all its fancy CSS and slick Ajax calls, but the stuff underneath, where the actual brains of the application live.

The goal is for FitNesse to operate at a level just below the user interface level, demonstrating that, given various inputs to your application, the correct results are returned. In a sense, you could consider it an alternative user interface for the application.

A One-Minute Description What is FitNesse? Start here.
A Two-Minute Example A brief example. Read this one second.

Before you start editing content, you might be interested in some background on why FitNesse has been built

Project Death by Requirements Why use automated acceptance tests? What goes wrong when we don't use them?
Acceptance Tests What are the advantages of FitNesse automated acceptance tests?
Delivering the Right System How Teams Can Use FitNesse: an Introduction

Convinced? Download and install on your machine, if you haven't done so already.

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