Use !contents to list all or some of the child pages of the current page along with additional information such as help text, suite filters, some property settings, and graceful names. Example:

!contents -R2 -g -p -f -h

Instead of defining arguments on the !contents widget, variables can be defined that act as global properties.

argument description Variable
-R Include all of the descendent pages.
-Rn Include n levels of descendent pages.
-f Show suite filters. FILTER_TOC {true}
-g Show graceful names in the list. REGRACE_TOC {true}
-h Show help property text HELP_TOC {true}
-H Show help property text as TOC title, and show page name using small letters. HELP_INSTEAD_OF_TITLE_TOC {true}
-p Show property suffixes. Defaults: Suite(*), Test(+), Imported(@), Symbolic(>), Skip(-). PROPERTY_TOC {true} PROPERTY_CHARACTERS {*+@>-}