FitNesse acceptance tests suites

>SuiteWidgetTests Specify the markup language of wiki pages.
>SuiteWikiPageResponderTests Specify general behavior of all wiki pages.
>SuiteEditResponderTests Specify the behavior of edit requests.
>SuiteResponderTests Specify the behavior of the responders.
>SuiteWikiImportTests Specify the behavior of the Wiki Import feature
>SuiteAuthenticationTests Specify the authentication design
>SuiteFixtureTests Specify the behavior of various fixtures
>SuiteSymbolicLinkTests Demonstrate usage and behavior of symbolic links
>SuiteFitDecoratorTests Demonstrate usage and behavior of Fit Decorators
>SuiteSlimTests Slim Specific Tests
>SuiteTestHistory Test History tests
>SuiteVersionsControllerTests Versions controller tests
>SuiteTestSystems Test interaction with custom test systems


variable defined: SUT_PATH=!- !path classes !path lib/*.jar -!


FitNesse is running on port: 8080

variable defined: INTERNAL_PORT=9123


Collapse Set Up and Tear Down

variable defined: COLLAPSE_SETUP=true
variable defined: COLLAPSE_TEARDOWN=true

Keyboard Shortcuts ?

  • t Test
  • e Edit page
  • a Add new page
  • p Properties
  • w Where used?
  • / Focus on search bar
  • s Open search page
  • g u Go to User Guide