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FitNesse Release Notes 2016/06/18

Uncle Bob Consulting LLC.

Requires Java 1.7

Major Changes since 20160515:

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Thanks to all of you!

Git History

2016-06-16 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #930 from amolenaar/wiki-remove
2016-06-16 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #929 from Enovea/master
2016-06-16 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #923 from amolenaar/propagate-exceptions
2016-06-16 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #911 from LudovicVa/master
2016-06-12 Robert C. Martin refactoring
2016-06-12 Robert C. Martin improve testing of Binding, and refactor
2016-06-08 Robert C. Martin refactor ActionFixture and ColumnFixture
2016-06-06 Arjan Molenaar Processed remarks made by Fried Hoeben. And some indentation.
2016-06-08 Robert C. Martin added tests for ColumnFixture
2016-06-08 Robert C. Martin add mutation testing for fitnesse in parts
2016-06-07 Robert C. Martin Got mutation testing for fit working again
2016-06-06 Robert C. Martin Merge branch 'master' of
2016-06-06 Robert C. Martin final refactoring of Action Fixture and Tests
2016-06-06 LudovicVa Invoke via the interaction the around slim method
2016-06-02 Arjan Molenaar boyscouting.
2016-06-06 LudovicVa Update
2016-06-06 LudovicVa Make fields final
2016-06-06 LudovicVa Update
2016-06-04 Robert C. Martin move taskdef inside mutation testing
2016-06-04 Robert C. Martin pitest mutation testing
2016-06-04 Arjan Molenaar Use IllegalStateException on places where no exceptions should occur at all.
2016-06-04 Arjan Molenaar More specific exceptions
2016-06-04 Robert C. Martin added pitest to ivy and ant
2016-06-04 Arjan Molenaar WikiPageProperties should throw WikiPageLoadException
2016-06-04 Robert C. Martin mend
2016-06-04 Robert C. Martin Action Fixture Covered
2016-06-04 Arjan Molenaar SlimTableFactory throws specific exeption on error.
2016-06-04 Arjan Molenaar Clean up RuntimeException in the wiki package.
2016-06-04 Arjan Molenaar MockSocket can throw exceptions.
2016-06-04 Arjan Molenaar No need for exception handling in wiki.refactoring
2016-06-03 Arjan Molenaar DateTimeUtil should propagate ParseException.
2016-06-03 Arjan Molenaar Remove RuntimeException from history and formatter code.
2016-06-03 Arjan Molenaar Remove a couple of occurrences where RuntimeException was thrown. Some places caught exceptions in vain, other places could benefit from more specific exceptions.
2016-06-03 Arjan Molenaar Test system related code does no longer throw IOException. Where needed custom exceptions are thrown.
2016-06-01 Arjan Molenaar Fix maven url, so IDE's can pick it up.
2016-06-01 Arjan Molenaar Implement default remove() in BaseWikiPage. Ensure backwards compatibility for now.
2016-06-01 Arjan Molenaar Use WikiPage.remove() everywhere
2016-06-01 Arjan Molenaar Deprecate WikiPage.removeChildPage in favor of WikiPage.remove().
2016-06-01 Florian Léger Add FORMAT_LOCALE variable to specify locale for formatted expression evaluation
2016-05-27 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #917 from amolenaar/refactoring
2016-05-27 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #928 from Enovea/master
2016-05-27 Arjan Molenaar Update SymbolicPage equality algorithm.
2016-05-27 Florian Léger Fix assignation of output parameters of scenarios with graceful names in decision tables
2016-05-21 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #924 from hansjoachim/readme
2016-05-21 Hans Joachim Desserud Now that Java7 is required, update instructions for setting up IDEA
2016-05-19 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #921 from fhoeben/ImproveMapConvertorsEscaping
2016-05-18 Fried Hoeben Allow same nested content when converting Maps as in HtmlTables (except slim variables) Fixes #920
2016-05-15 Arjan Molenaar Moved FixtureInteraction to SlimExecutionContext.
2016-05-14 Arjan Molenaar Replace static SocketFactory by interface+implementations.
2016-05-07 Arjan Molenaar Add deprecation warnings. Should pass a SocketFactory around instead of SSL properties.
2016-05-06 LudovicVa Change interface for compatibility with InteractionAwareFixtures
2016-05-06 LudovicVa Moving method finding to Fixture Interaction
2016-04-30 LudovicVa Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/unclebob/master'
2016-04-09 Arjan Molenaar Improve exception propagation.
2016-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Use FileUtil.close(), instead of it's own try/catch block
2016-04-06 Arjan Molenaar CompositeTestSystemListener will remove listeners that throw IOException.
2016-04-03 Arjan Molenaar Housekeeping: whitespace.
2016-04-03 Arjan Molenaar Simplify FileUtil.close(), log exception (do not throw).
2016-04-03 Arjan Molenaar Propagate IOException in FileUtil.
2016-04-03 Arjan Molenaar Ensure all (test system) handlers are invoked, even if exceptions occur.
2016-04-01 Arjan Molenaar Housekeeping: white space
2016-04-01 Arjan Molenaar FitNesseExpedited.send() propagates IO exception. Same with Response.getEncodedBytes()