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FitNesse Release Notes 2016/05/15

Uncle Bob Consulting LLC.

Requires Java 1.7

Major Changes since 20151230:

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Thanks to all of you!

Git History

2016-05-15 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes.
2016-05-15 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #914 from szczurmys/master
2016-05-15 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #912 from the-noob/master
2016-05-13 Jakub Goszczurny Ignore symbol assignment in QueryTable.scoreMatch(...).
2016-05-06 the-noob Improved formatting for ScriptTable
2016-04-27 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes.
2016-04-25 Arjan Molenaar Make wiki formatter work with nested tables. Fixes #887.
2016-04-25 Arjan Molenaar Hash table is a Map<String, String>.
2016-04-25 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #909 from sgo/issue-908
2016-04-25 sgo refactored JUnitRunNotifierResultsListener.testComplete to fire test finished once at the end instead of for every branch of the if-else structure.
2016-04-23 sgo JUnit run notifier will fire test finished as well after test failures as some result listeners expect this behavior.
2016-04-23 Arjan Molenaar Remove duplicates: expandPrefix in WikiWord and WikiWordReference.
2016-04-23 Arjan Molenaar Remove duplicate code in QueryTable/SubQueryTable.
2016-04-23 Arjan Molenaar Perform `Explicit type can be repalced with <>` refactoring on project.
2016-04-22 Arjan Molenaar Merge branch 'LudovicVa-master'
2016-04-14 Arjan Molenaar Add an example for using SlimTableFactory.addAlias().
2016-04-14 Arjan Molenaar Boyscouting; improve code with Java 7 syntax.
2016-04-13 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #907 from GJatKvK/master
2016-04-12 Gert-Jan van der Heiden SystemUnderTest now accepts method calls from subclass.
2016-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #905 from hansjoachim/sonarqube-java-7
2016-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #904 from hansjoachim/warnings
2016-04-03 Hans Joachim Desserud Tells SonarQube the project uses Java7
2016-04-03 Hans Joachim Desserud Since the iterator contains Strings, use more explicit type
2016-04-03 Hans Joachim Desserud Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into warnings
2016-04-01 Arjan Molenaar remove redundant credentials
2016-03-30 Arjan Molenaar Give ChunkedResponse a proper close() method, do now swallow exceptions.
2016-03-30 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #889 from amolenaar/files-fitnesse-upload
2016-03-29 Arjan Molenaar Extends Closeable, instead of implementing close ourselves.
2016-03-25 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes
2016-03-22 Arjan Molenaar Add editorconfig file. See
2016-03-18 Hans Joachim Desserud Add missing Override annotations
2016-03-18 Hans Joachim Desserud Remove redundant casting
2016-03-18 Hans Joachim Desserud Use StringBuilder.append instead of concatenating Strings for all Strings in this method
2016-03-18 Hans Joachim Desserud Convert fields to local variables where possible
2016-03-18 Hans Joachim Desserud Remove unused imports
2016-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #896 from akruijff/master
2016-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Reduce log message when data could not be sent to FINE.
2016-03-20 Alex de Kruijff Remove unnecessary code from SlimTestSystem
2016-03-19 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #888 from amolenaar/symlink-cycles
2016-03-19 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #886 from amolenaar/htmlutil-cleanup
2016-03-19 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #894 from lucafavatella/wiki-slim-formatting
2016-03-19 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #893 from lucafavatella/wiki-typo
2016-03-19 Luca Favatella Revert spurious strike-through in slim protocol page
2016-03-18 Luca Favatella Fix typo
2016-03-18 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #890 from lucafavatella/wiki-formatting
2016-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Fix content-type in tests.
2016-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #891 from nitrok/json-content-type
2016-03-17 Alexander Orlov Change json content type from text/json to applicatioin/json
2016-03-17 Luca Favatella Fix formatting
2016-03-16 Luca Favatella Fix formatting
2016-03-15 Arjan Molenaar Disallow uploading to files/fitnesse.
2016-03-15 Arjan Molenaar Break cycles created by Symlinks.
2016-03-10 Arjan Molenaar Fix escaping for nested tables in hash table.
2016-03-10 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #885 from amolenaar/inline-tables
2016-03-10 Arjan Molenaar Updated documentation for Maven plugins. Fixes #865.
2016-03-10 Arjan Molenaar Add fitnesse debug bookmark back to documentation. Fixed #873.
2016-03-08 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes.
2016-03-08 Arjan Molenaar Escape and unescape hash table contents.
2016-03-08 Arjan Molenaar Clean up MapConverter.
2016-03-08 Arjan Molenaar Clean up fitnesse.html.HtmlUtil.
2016-03-07 Arjan Molenaar Use class' class loader instead of the system one.
2016-03-07 LudovicVa addAlias
2016-03-06 Arjan Molenaar Fix scrolling of edit page.
2016-03-06 Arjan Molenaar Just do column spanning after all parsing is done.
2016-03-05 Arjan Molenaar Fix column spanning for nested tables.
2016-03-05 Arjan Molenaar Can now actually add nested tables.
2016-03-05 Arjan Molenaar Change single switch to if statement.
2016-03-05 Arjan Molenaar Render nested content properly.
2016-03-05 Arjan Molenaar Move wikitext processing to separate file.
2016-03-05 Arjan Molenaar More thoroughly escaping of generated javascript fragments.
2016-03-04 LudovicVa Add defaultTableType method
2016-03-04 Arjan Molenaar reformat code.
2016-02-29 Arjan Molenaar Update travis conf to build Java 7 again.
2016-02-29 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #877 from benhamidene/back2java7
2016-02-29 Arjan Molenaar Add description to acceptance_tests target.
2016-02-29 Arjan Molenaar remove unused variable from SlimResponder
2016-02-29 Arjan Molenaar Clean up CSS a little.
2016-02-22 Anis Ben Hamidene Resetting min. Java version needed to 1.7
2016-02-16 Arjan Molenaar Remove unused variable in javascript
2016-02-16 Arjan Molenaar Make more fields final.
2016-02-15 Arjan Molenaar Cleanup, organize imports.
2016-02-15 Arjan Molenaar Move directory creation out of FitNesse class into FitNesseMain.
2016-02-15 Arjan Molenaar Move message about already used port number to FitNessMain.
2016-02-15 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #872 from amolenaar/java8
2016-02-15 Arjan Molenaar Create server threads as daemon threads and explicitly close execution pool.
2016-02-15 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #874 from amolenaar/interrupted-exception
2016-02-15 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #870 from amolenaar/bootstrap-3.3.6
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar Handle slim version mismatch as typed exception.
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar SocketService: Set interrupted state on InterruptedException
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar Remove catch in wait fixture.
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar FitClient: propagate interrupted exception.
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar CommandRunner: set interrupt state on InterruptedException.
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar StreamReader: Throw InterruptedIOException when read is interrupted.
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar FileUtil: do not wait until file is deleted.
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar Do not throw RuntimeException from ClassPath class.
2016-02-14 Arjan Molenaar Fix issues denoted by SonarQube
2016-02-13 Arjan Molenaar Documentation updates: !contents
2016-02-13 Arjan Molenaar Fix vertical offset when jumping through test results.
2016-02-13 Arjan Molenaar Simplify SSL config in FitNesseContext.
2016-02-12 Arjan Molenaar Tweak #867 a little to make it look up all pages, and only for the move refactoring.
2016-02-12 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #867 from gmeiser/master
2016-02-12 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #869 from amolenaar/fix/861
2016-02-12 Arjan Molenaar Merge branch 'jar-lookup'
2016-02-12 Arjan Molenaar Remove Glyphicons.
2016-02-12 Arjan Molenaar Move bootstrap templates to general templates folder where possible.
2016-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Use history.back() instead of '#' hash to close popup.
2016-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Reset logo size, adjust margin instead.
2016-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Really center popups.
2016-02-10 Arjan Molenaar Enhance interaction for modal-dialog.
2016-02-10 Arjan Molenaar Use general modal-dialog classes for keyboard shortcut dialog.
2016-02-10 Arjan Molenaar Small stylesheet updates focusing on Bootstrap.
2016-02-08 Arjan Molenaar Remove empty lines in acceptance test page footer
2016-02-07 Arjan Molenaar Display fitnesse logo slightly smaller, so it aligns nicely with the left margin.
2016-02-07 Arjan Molenaar Fix footer at bottom of window.
2016-02-06 Arjan Molenaar Update Bootstrap 3.3.6.
2016-02-06 Arjan Molenaar Fix nabber for versions comparer bootstrap theme.
2016-02-06 Arjan Molenaar Escape lines in versionsComparer.
2016-02-05 Arjan Molenaar Remove unused javascript file textinputs_jquery.js
2016-02-05 Arjan Molenaar remove unused html file.
2016-02-05 Arjan Molenaar Wysiwyg editor initialises a single editor window.
2016-02-03 Arjan Molenaar Upgrade commons-collections to latest version.
2016-02-01 Gordon Meiser implemented an autocomplete feature for the "move page" (version 2)
2016-01-31 Arjan Molenaar Decode URL path
2016-01-31 Arjan Molenaar Clean up classpath in acceptance suite.
2016-01-31 Arjan Molenaar Move Jar lookup logic in ClassPath class.
2016-01-31 Arjan Molenaar Pass ClassPath around, instead of String
2016-01-31 Arjan Molenaar Make jar file lookup smarter by performing a class lookup for the test runner.
2016-01-31 Arjan Molenaar Add check to dynamically detect fitnesse.jar location.
2016-01-27 Arjan Molenaar boyscouting: clean code in Javascript, slim client and zip file version controller.
2016-01-27 Arjan Molenaar Fix variable resolution for non-wikitext pages.
2016-01-26 Arjan Molenaar Move wikitext detection for SymbolicPage in one place.
2016-01-19 Arjan Molenaar Update Travis-ci config.
2016-01-19 Arjan Molenaar Upgrade Ant to 1.9.6.
2016-01-19 Arjan Molenaar Update JSON dependency to 20151123.
2016-01-19 Arjan Molenaar Bump minimal Java version to 8.
2016-01-19 Arjan Molenaar Replace tabs by spaces in build.xml.
2016-01-19 Arjan Molenaar Add unit test for Disgracer class.
2016-01-19 Arjan Molenaar Add extra logging in expediter.
2016-01-10 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #857 from six42/library
2016-01-10 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #851 from amolenaar/execution-log
2016-01-10 Arjan Molenaar Base StackTraceEnricher tests on apache commons, that's more stable that the JDK.
2016-01-10 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #835 from hansjoachim/jdk9
2016-01-06 six42 Add autocomplete to CodeMirror editor + Save via keyboard
2016-01-04 six42 avoid duplicate testing
2016-01-04 six42 don't delete lib on clean
2016-01-03 six42 Duplicate of ScenarioLibrariesAreIncludedInTheCorrectOrder
2016-01-03 six42 Library with constructor parameters
2015-12-31 six42 Merge branch 'ShowResultPagesAsHTML' into library
2015-12-31 six42 Moved classpath to the test system setup
2015-12-30 six42 put quoted classpath back
2015-12-30 six42 put quoted classpath back
2015-12-30 six42 puth classpath back
2015-12-27 six42 Make negative tests more readable
2015-12-23 Arjan Molenaar Name the link to execution log simply "Execution Log" instead of "Tests Executed OK" or "Errors Occurred". Now at least you should get a hint on what this button is revealing.
2015-11-25 Hans Joachim Desserud Restrict parameter instead
2015-11-21 Hans Joachim Desserud Added comment in case someone get tempted to simplify this
2015-11-21 Hans Joachim Desserud Cast value before returning. Fixes FTBFS with JDK9 (#746)