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FitNesse Release Notes 2014/04/18

Uncle Bob Consulting LLC.

Requires Java 1.6

Major Changes since 20140201:

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Thanks to all of you!

Git History

2014-04-18 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes.
2014-04-16 Arjan Molenaar Update documentation for SlimTables configutation item.
2014-04-16 Arjan Molenaar Make ScenarioTable a little more extendable.
2014-04-16 Arjan Molenaar Make methods protected in ScriptTable to improve reusability
2014-04-16 Arjan Molenaar One more clean up action in wikitext test
2014-04-16 Arjan Molenaar Update org.json version.
2014-04-10 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #433 from raboof/autoformat
2014-04-09 Arnout Engelen Automatically format the wikitext on save (#355)
2014-04-08 Arjan Molenaar Fix wysiwyg unit tests.
2014-04-08 Arjan Molenaar Merge branch 'master' into contenteditable
2014-04-08 Arjan Molenaar Update FitNesse straight css. Fix #247
2014-04-07 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes.
2014-04-07 Arjan Molenaar Fix issues with ignored fields in SliM TableTable
2014-04-07 Arjan Molenaar Merge branch 'fix/427'
2014-04-07 Arjan Molenaar Merge branch 'fix/351'
2014-04-07 Arjan Molenaar Add configurable timeout for start up and shutdown of SLIM system under test. Fixes #254.
2014-04-07 Arjan Molenaar Also copy extra stylesheet resources for JUnit tests. Fixes #285.
2014-04-07 Arjan Molenaar Fix unit tests again.
2014-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Add configurable timeout for running slim tests in debug mode.
2014-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #425 from sergebug/master
2014-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Add aria-haspopup to Add and Tools menu.
2014-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Check for StopTest exceptions thrown from constructor.
2014-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes
2014-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Collapsible section state uses padding now.
2014-04-03 Arjan Molenaar Update styling for content editable block.
2014-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Grow/shrink edit section on resize events.
2014-04-06 Arjan Molenaar Fix events. Should act on content editable frame only.
2014-04-04 Arjan Molenaar Reset meta style to default, since it messes up rich text editing.
2014-04-04 Arjan Molenaar Fix collapsible sections in wysiwyg editor
2014-04-04 Arjan Molenaar Change Collapsable to Collapsible.
2014-04-04 Arjan Molenaar include editor.css in editor and fix jshints in wikitext-spec.
2014-04-02 Serge Zukov javaExecutable did not support JAVA_HOME folders with space in it, for example "Program Files". Added wrapping into double quotes if space is present in JAVA_HOME.
2014-04-02 Serge Zukov Merge branch 'master' of
2014-03-31 Arjan Molenaar Remove some more of the iframe stuff.
2014-03-28 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes.
2014-03-28 Arjan Molenaar Only templates ending on -Page show up in Add menu. Fixes #426.
2014-03-28 Arjan Molenaar Set max height for Add menu in bootstrap theme.
2014-03-27 Arjan Molenaar Improve code quality for wysiwyg editor.
2014-03-25 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #422 from jonrward/respect-JAVA_HOME
2014-03-24 Serge Zukov Test was failing in Windows due to the search results order. Used contains instead of index.
2014-03-24 Jon Ward Fix unit tests broken by 93961744c
2014-03-22 Arjan Molenaar Remove css class error-nag-hidden. Use hidden instead.
2014-03-22 Arjan Molenaar Changed failure navigator to a bootstrap button panel.
2014-03-21 Arjan Molenaar Make meta style in line with bootstrap style.
2014-03-21 Arjan Molenaar Fix links on front page.
2014-03-21 Arjan Molenaar Use different font.
2014-03-21 Arjan Molenaar Update bootstrap theme to 3.1.1
2014-03-21 Arjan Molenaar Update Less to 1.7.0.
2014-03-21 Arjan Molenaar Use bootstrap panels style for collapsible sections
2014-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Updated Release notes.
2014-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Rename page PluginUsage to ConfigurationFile.
2014-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #419 from amolenaar/newuserguide
2014-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Fix links now GettingStarted content is on the first page.
2014-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #420 from amolenaar/whereused
2014-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Remove return value from
2014-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Remove unused page finders.
2014-03-20 Arjan Molenaar Also find pages with format PageName?property
2014-03-19 Jon Ward Update ReleaseNotes for JAVA_HOME change
2014-03-19 Jon Ward Respect the JAVA_HOME environment variable
2014-03-19 Arjan Molenaar WhereUsed function now also finds pages in aliases ([[tag][PageName]])
2014-03-18 Arjan Molenaar Remove capacity field from symbol class.
2014-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Moved GettingStarted stuff to top level.
2014-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Remove FitLibrary user guide pages.
2014-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Little cleanup in FixtureGallery content.
2014-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Content updates. Mainly fixed links.
2014-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Corrections, mainly in GettingStarted and Wiki section.
2014-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Treat FitNesse as a special word. It's not linked, unless a page called FitNesse exists.
2014-03-16 Arjan Molenaar Restructure user guide
2014-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #361 from amolenaar/context-root
2014-03-17 Arjan Molenaar Move page name from title to breadcrumb.
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Whoops. Need to keep the tests working...
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Add comment to
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes.
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Update documentation
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Update file rename and delete dialogs.
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Fix acceptance tests for new context root code.
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Fix context roots for all pages.
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Fix file rename and deletion with context root.
2014-03-13 Arjan Molenaar Image links (and links to files/ content) works.
2014-03-13 Arjan Molenaar Fix redirects in other parts of bootstrap theme.
2014-03-13 Arjan Molenaar Fix context root in redirects from responders.
2014-03-13 Arjan Molenaar Redirect if context root is set, but trailing slash is missing.
2014-03-13 Arjan Molenaar Expose contextRoot to templates.
2014-03-13 Arjan Molenaar Can remove context root from requests
2014-03-13 Arjan Molenaar Add context-root to FitNesseContext.
2014-03-14 Arjan Molenaar Do not make ajax call for question.mark html.
2014-03-12 Arjan Molenaar Fix styling on small screens for bootstrap theme.
2014-03-12 Arjan Molenaar Fix versions navbar for bootstrap theme
2014-03-12 Arjan Molenaar Update page footer content
2014-03-12 Arjan Molenaar Updated style for bootstrap theme.
2014-03-12 Arjan Molenaar Update logo in "fitnesse_straight" theme.
2014-03-11 Arjan Molenaar Use new logo as favicon.
2014-03-11 Arjan Molenaar Remove obsolete images.
2014-03-11 Arjan Molenaar Update release notes.
2014-03-11 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #417 from ggramlich/dynamic_decision_table
2014-03-10 Gregor Gramlich Documentation for dynamic decision table
2014-03-10 Gregor Gramlich Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dynamic_decision_table
2014-03-10 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #416 from elier/master
2014-03-07 Elier Delgado Adding new logo sources and images
2014-03-06 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #414 from amolenaar/script-colon-prefix
2014-03-06 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #405 from ggramlich/encoding_for_output_captured
2014-03-06 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #413 from sergebug/master
2014-03-06 Arjan Molenaar Support script: prefix.
2014-03-02 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #412 from NicoleRauch/master
2014-03-02 Nicole Rauch Java 7 returns localized error messages which causes two tests to fail (because they explicitly check parts of the error message). Adding the locale to the java command invocation fixes this.
2014-03-01 Gregor Gramlich Implemented DynamicDecisionTable (see )
2014-03-01 Gregor Gramlich extracted method in test to reduce duplication
2014-03-01 Gregor Gramlich extracted inner class DecisionTableCaller from DecisionTable
2014-03-01 Gregor Gramlich formatting
2014-03-01 Gregor Gramlich static import for VOID_TAG
2014-03-01 Gregor Gramlich changed makeDecisionTableAndBuildInstructions to a void method
2014-03-01 Gregor Gramlich inline instructions method
2014-03-01 Gregor Gramlich Make DecisionTableTest extend and use SlimTableTestSupport
2014-02-27 Serge Zukov Excluded tmp folder content.
2014-02-27 Serge Zukov testHistory page did not hide tests which passed last time.
2014-02-27 Serge Zukov removed orphan javascript reference; hide passed tests is currently inside fitnesse.js
2014-02-24 Serge Zukov Merge branch 'master' of
2014-02-14 Arjan Molenaar Fixed one more typo in wysiwyg code.
2014-02-13 Arjan Molenaar Clean up now unused pages.
2014-02-13 Arjan Molenaar Import tests can not depend on FitNesse server running.
2014-02-11 Arjan Molenaar No need to start a FitNesse server when command is provided on the command line.
2014-02-13 Arjan Molenaar Make a copy of the SlimTableFactory for every test system.
2014-02-13 Arjan Molenaar Rich text editor can now handle variables in hash tables.
2014-02-13 Arjan Molenaar Update rich text editor. Fixes #407.
2014-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #392 from robobario/master
2014-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #401 from mbarchfe/commentedcolumns
2014-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #406 from leider/master
2014-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Added hint for '?' functionality to page footer.
2014-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Fix spacing in execution log. Fixes #275.
2014-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Avoid error by expecting an Integer after execution of FitNesseMain.
2014-02-11 Arjan Molenaar Merge pull request #400 from markhop/shortcut_keys
2014-02-10 Andreas Leidig FitNesseSuite retrieves FitnesseDir also via system property
2014-02-05 Arjan Molenaar Fix custom comparator in scenario tables. Fixes #399.
2014-02-10 gramlich Use UTF-8 encoding for the captured Standard Output and Standard Error on the ErrorLogs ("Output Captured") Pages
2014-02-09 mbarchfe updated wiki pages with comment examples
2014-02-05 Arjan Molenaar Added Glob Custom comparator. Used for testing custom comparators.
2014-02-05 Arjan Molenaar Add INCLUDE_SCENARIO_LIBRARIES property. It allows for including Scenario libraries in third-party test systems or explicitly not include them in Slim test pages.
2014-02-04 mbarchfe comment column in decision table
2014-02-04 mbarchfe added comment columns for Query tables
2014-01-29 Mark Hopkins Updated UserGuide ShortcutKeys page to show new facility
2014-01-29 Mark Hopkins Ensure shortcut keys only fire on normal wiki page not edit page
2014-01-29 Mark Hopkins Get help modal working under straight theme
2014-01-29 Mark Hopkins Make / and s go different places for search
2014-01-28 Mark Hopkins Add keyboard shortcut help using ? key
2014-01-28 Mark Hopkins Implement shortcut keys using mousetrap library
2014-01-18 roby the slim service can be configured to have a statement timeout
2013-12-09 Serge Zukov Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'