release 20081201

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FitNesse Release Notes 12/01/2008

Uncle Bob, Object Mentor, Inc.

This is just a bug-fix release. If you hare having trouble with any of the SLIM stuff, you should download this release. The jar file should be sufficient, although some of the docs changed a bit.

Subversion History

385 12/1/08 12:00 AM jacmorel Make SuiteResponderTest and TestResponderTest more reliable using a random socket port instead of a fixed one.
383 11/29/08 11:28 AM robertmartin A few fixes and patches. Prepare for HTML parsing of Slim Tables.
382 11/24/08 10:50 AM robertmartin Fix a few minor bugs in Slim having to do with variables.
381 11/18/08 6:54 PM robertmartin If DecisionTable execute throws, it will be reported....
380 11/18/08 6:15 AM robertmartin Fixed Exception reporting in Decision Table and Query Table.
379 11/16/08 1:25 AM robertmartin Fixed dumb bug in TestRunner acceptance tests.